wiww -week 3

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for week 3! (i'm very impressed with myself!)

Can I just say - this accountability thing really works....  I can't believe how many times I thought about YOU when I was getting dressed.

honestly, that weirds me out just a little, but the point of being mindful about my choices - clothing and otherwise - remains.

And so here's some of what I wore last week:
[wednesday is my busy day, work-wise.  afternoon at the church,
running around with kids, worship team/choir practices, home late!]
(comfort is key!)
jeans - gap
black pleated top - h&m
sand dollar pendant - bought on vacation last year
[home with the kids - no school- and running errands]
jeans -dkny
white long-sleeved scoop neck - old navy
bulkiest sweater ever made - abercrombie 

later that day we went to a couples wedding shower, so I took off the huge sweater and added...
taupe top - rw & co
necklace - gift from my BIL from Mexico, or somewhere...

(my brother-in-law buys me MOST of my interesting jewelry when he's on vacation...)

(I took the skirt off and put on -gasp!- jeans for the afternoon helping with the band at church in the afternoon and hosting our young families small group in the evening.)
black tank - old navy
black cashmere cardi- anne taylor
dark denim skirt - gap
bracelette - gift fr BIL a long time ago
[regular Monday at the church office - calls for layering and warmth.
my workspace is chilly!]
long sleeve black scoop - joe fresh
jeans - gap
grey sweater - banana republic
locket - mom's

blessings to you today!


  1. Anonymous27.10.10

    I am proud of you too. Cute outfits!

  2. comfort IS key! your outfits are great!

  3. The bulkiest sweater eve--hahaha--but it's very cute and looks quite warm too. I like the plum (?) vest thingie you changed into later too and the last grey sweater with the interesting sleeves. I wish I could layer with long tees but I'd pass out. Maybe we'll get some cooler weather eventually...

    Very nice outfits--comfy is cute on you!

  4. I like the bulkiest sweater! Very nice! You wore it well!

  5. the first time I wore the bulky sweater my kids said it looked like I was wearing a blanket! it IS very cozy even though it will not fit under a jacket and thus can only be worn in a very specific temperature bracket...

    I envy those of you still wearing flip flops (Holly!). My fuzzy boots and wool sweaters are out in full force!

    you all are very sweet! :)

  6. I want your denim skirt!! You had a good week. Great job!


  7. You are so adorable, and I just read your bio and you live in one of my *most* loved places :) I love your bulkiest sweater ever, I am far too intimidated to face the teens in Abercrombie (or worse run into one of my students)! And what a stellar BIL- he buys you jewelry?! Hope you have a fab week, thanks for stopping by my digs!


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