intention: my first wiww

Part of my personal mission/vision with this blog and in my life is to live intentionally.  I don't want to be the kind of person who moves from one reaction to the next but graciously lives responding to people and circumstances consciously....intentionally.

I've been following the blog of this sweet lady for a while now, and I think I was drawn to her because of a weekly post she does called "what i wore wednesday."

the pleated poppy blog

It's about being intentional!
It's about not just falling into whatever sweats that lay by the side of the bed (or the jammies that just got slept in!) but to do your family and the world a favour by choosing outfits, making the most of the things you have, and being creative.  

I love this idea!  I've thought for a while since I started up the blog again that maybe I would join this so-called 'linky party' but honestly, I was a little reluctant.  I mean, who cares what I'm wearing?  

The thing is, this blog for me is also about accountability.  If I write it here, it's open game for conversation...  therefore, I choose honesty for the sake of making things happen...  you know?

So here I am, posting some random outfits from the last couple of weeks.  My only full-length mirror is in kind of weird spot, so you won't usually get to see my feet, but since we here in Canada don't usually wear shoes in the house, you won't be missing much!

[day running errands, maybe went into the church office]
long sleeved t -old navy
grey tank underneath - american eagle
silver locket - my mom's (has some cool 1970's pics in it)
jeans - old navy 
[afternoon at the church, swimming lessons, serving at Finding Freedom]
t-shirt - american eagle
turquoise cardi - walmart
ripped jeans - gap
red shoes- gift from my bro-in-law off the streets of new york
necklace - gift from friend, hand made heart

[church, young adult lunch]
ruffly tank top - gap
white blazer - old navy
dark jeans - gap
brown slingbacks- shoe warehouse
[around the house, out for a couple errands]
white cardi - zellers
grey tshirt - joe fresh
jeans - gap
cake pendant - farm chicks

[day spent baking for thankgiving dinner - pies and buns!]
white t- joe fresh
pink tank - american eagle
jeans - gap
pendant - american eagle

So, I have a ways to go in the creativity department, but there you have it!  Of course, what I most want to put on is this, but I also can delight in being intentional about my clothes.... I think.

What are you wearing these days?


  1. thank you for linking up! its hard at first, but gets a little easier as the weeks go by. keep it up!

  2. Great job!! I love your outfits and your bible verse at the end is so fitting. Hope you will be back. This is only my 3rd week :)

  3. You've got some serious cuteness going on over here. Love the red shoes--instant outfit oomph!

    I agree about making more of an effort getting myself together makes me more intentional about my days--ordinary as they are.


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