Who isn't looking for ways to multi-task these days?  I know am!  It's actually kind of a chronic problem for me... when I'm looking for new shoes, I tend to leave empty handed because - go figure - there just aren't shoes out there that I can wear to work, to the grocery store, for exercise and a date night.  They just don't exist.

But when I find a way that I can multi-task, I like to share.  So here it is - if you want to clean your house, exercise and have a great worship experience you have to listen to my new favorite album:
see the website!

Gather your cleaning supplies and blast this music in your ipod.  How can you help but not work faster - praising God for even having a home to clean, worshiping Him for His mercies - new every morning (Lam 3:22-23).  And I dare you not to break a sweat!  And when you finish listening, your heart will be blessed, your house will be clean, and if you're like me, you'll need a fresh t-shirt!

See if this gets you in the mood.....

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  1. Deanne21.10.10

    Well my little dancer LOVES it. (Mya) She is dancing as a write this. Will have to look for this album. thanks Becky. I often listen to Beth Moore on line while I clean if I'm not listening to music. thanks for the encouragement today.


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