don't forget

I went through a very brief phase where I wore short red cowboy boots. Hard to believe?
I hope so!

(They were not a cute as the ones in this picture.)

If I believed in luck, I might say these boots were lucky.  I was wearing my red cowboy boots the night Gavin Hall asked me on a date - the first of many, many dates and 13 years of marriage!

He invited me to go with him to dinner (Tony Roma's) and a show (Jesus Christ Superstar) and out after....  He teased me about my boots by saying "there's no place like home."  I never wore them again!

The next day, we drove with his brother out our favorite place, Faith Bible Camp, for a weekend retreat.  I found just a few pictures from that weekend.  None of them are of us together - too soon for that! :)
remember MONDETTA?  It was very cool.
I took this picture- it was my "thing" that summer,
pictures of people laying with their heads together.

If you don't know, you won't get it....oh, Kev!
I took this one too-I tried to appear "cool" about it,
 but I did NOT like it, Kramer girls! ;)
How secure must I be to put the UGLIEST picture
of myself on the world wide web?!

We were reminded around the communion table this past Sunday about the verse in Hebrews 10 that says:  "Remember those early days after you had received the Light" (vs 32a)  It was a great reminder as I reflected on Christ and the sacrifice He made to give me life.  To look back at the times where the love overwhelmed my heart, making my Saviour irresistible!

It also occurred to me that it's a good thing for marriage too.  To remember what it felt like in those early days...to reminisce about first dates, first kisses, the first year of marriage....to see my spouse through those 19 year old eyes, before kids and bills and life...

Do you remember?


  1. Pauline W5.10.10

    Thanks, Becky - great reminders....and memories!

  2. Dagmar5.10.10

    Love it Becky! I have been enjoying your blog - I'm glad you're back to it. This entry was especially enjoyable - the pictures are too funny. Lately I've been thinking back to the early years with Jason and you're right, it's so good to remember. It can reignite the spark that tends to fade. God bless you, dear friend!

  3. Hey Becky - love your blog. All of a sudden I realize you have one! Enjoy your thoughts... and the pictures! WOW.... cute!
    Time passes and we all get better I think! Dating Alvin since I was 16 means that we have been a couple for 36 of my 52 years! You have encouraged me to think back on those!! Blessings to you and your man, and your kids!!

  4. Anonymous7.10.10

    Enjoyed reading this Becky ~ I think we were at the College & Career weekend where these pictures were taken. Fond memories, that's for sure.


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