have you ever had that thing where you say something (or quote someone) that sounds 'wise' in a conversation with a friend, only to later realize that quote was for yourself?

is it just me?

the truth of the matter is i read quite a bit and listen to a lot of sermons and podcasts, so i've often got something on the tip of my brain that can fit into conversation, and i often worry that i sound like the 'answer lady' - because i certainly am not...

the other day i was chatting with a friend and i heard myself quote something my husband said in a sermon years ago. (in fact, i told my friend that it was the first time when listening to him speak that i didn't hear him, i heard the Lord.)

"when you see an eagle, high in the sky, coasting-
they're actually gradually floating closer to the ground.
if you're in a place in your relationship with the Lord where you know you're coasting,
you're not maintaining the place you were-
you're moving farther away from Him."

this has been ringing through my brain ever since i quoted it.

this is the reminder the Lord had for me - i have been coasting.

this morning a verse came to mind as i was sorting the laundry:

"in repentance and rest is your salvation,
in quietness and trust is your strength..."
isaiah 30:15

i confess, Lord, i've been trying to do it on my own...
i'm busy - and keeping busy - not slowing down to hear from  You....
i talk to too much, even when i talk to You - teach me listen...
i believe Your ways for me are best, help me to overcome any unbelief...


Sunday Setlist

This is my first time linking up with the Worship Community Sunday Setlist.  I'm not sure exactly how my "regular readers" will react, but given that worship is not only a large part of my life, this blog, and is my work and ministry, I thought it was appropriate.

As I drove to the church Wednesday for our weekly rehearsal, the sky was so beautiful I almost hit the ditch!  The dark clouds that I had been looming all day were still present, but the sun was bursting through in a way that always makes me think of the second coming of Christ.

"When Christ shall come with shouts of acclimation....my God, how great Thou art!"

Song lyrics from our sunday setlist came immediately to mind.

I continued on my way, trying to focus on the road and not the sky, when suddenly the traffic slowed.  A three car pile-up, ambulance, police cars and a fire truck blocked the road.  I was moved to pray for all those involved in whatever it was that just happened.

"You give and take away...my heart will choose to say, Lord, blessed be Your Name."

Another song from our setlist.

It occurred to me the necessity of recognizing the greatness of our God in order to have any capacity to TRUST that He has everything under control.

By Sunday morning, the songs were melted into my heart, and the congregation seemed ready to participate.

October 16, 2011
God is Great (Hillsong)
Because of Your Love (Baloche)
How Great Thou Art (hymn)
How Great is our God (Tomlin - our people LOVE this song)
reading: Psalm 46 "God is our refuge and strength....be still and know that I AM God."
Blessed be Your Name (Redman)
I Surrender All (hymn)

We don't always do more than one hymn but as I looked out over the congregation and heard the rise of voices, I was glad I heard what the Lord had for us this Sunday.



i took my kids to assiniboine park last week in an effort to take their "school" pictures.  (one of the reasons i got the camera was exactly for this purpose- to avoid having to get the classic school photo for our family and friends.)  the day was beautiful and it was before the big windstorm we had in these parts, so the leaves were lovely!  i had visions of subtle smiles and casual action shots....

but my kids LOVE to pose! :)  and they LOVE to come up with ideas of when, where and how they will do this alone and together.

here's a "small" sample:

funny kids.
a trip to our favorite local ice cream shop was in order, and we all went home happy.


voting day

she stepped out the door and down the steps.
the air was warm.
the sun was bright.

across the street
and down the sidewalk
toward the church she'd driven past so many times.

the leaves crunching beneath her red shoes
she walked briskly,
with purpose.

she was doing what was required
and yet it was something more.

she considered how many 
friends and strangers
were walking down how many streets,
leaves crunching,
sun shining.

today is voting day.

she stepped into the coolness of an old building,
down the red carpeted stairs
past arrows and smiling faces.

her name was crossed off the list,
her X was marked and stuffed into the ballot box.
she thinks she knows who might win.

back outside and toward home
the sun still shone
while cool drops of rain landed on her arms
and cheeks and glasses.

along with the neighbours
she looked up in confusion-

sun showers in october?
who would have thought,
she smiled to herself.

as stepped closer to home she prayed.
thank you Lord for freedom to vote.
have Your way in this neighbourhood,
in this city,
in my life.

sparkle for sparkle's sake

Barely a month into the fall routine, and I'm already in a rut.

Style-wise, that is!

Maybe it's the almost-shift to fall clothes (the weather's been cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon) - or maybe it's because my husband's been away for days at a time.... I'm just feeling so BLAH in clothes.

The trouble for me is, if I feel blah on the outside, I generally feel blah on the inside too.  Or maybe it goes the other way around?

Either way, today I decided to change that!

I put on a t-shirt and jeans (come on moms, it's just what we wear!).  I thought I'd "spice" it up with a t-shirt material cardigan of sorts.

I look sad, and not just because my mirror is so dirty!

It just wasn't doin' it for me.

Inspired by a friend who wore a similar necklace in a casual way, I popped on some *sparkle* that I've had for a year and have barely worn.
look at the radiance, notice the happiness!
Much better!

It's all in good fun, friends.  Of course JOY comes from the Spirit of God within! :)

What's YOUR favourite way to add sparkle to your day?

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