today i'm thankful for:

waking up in my own bed
in a cool room
with the birds chirping
(even if they were a little too loud)

grinding and brewing my coffee
exactly the way i like it
with a splash of my favorite vanilla syrup
and milk.

kids who woke up slowly
and quietly
without fussing
and who can fix their own breakfast
without complaining

memories of a great week at camp
with friends 
with extreme heat cooled by rolling waves
with awesome times of worship
(Your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me....)

a washer and dryer that work really well
to do most of the work in getting 
the sand and smushed bugs out of shorts and tshirts

a boy whose eyes sparkle every time 
we mention the words -
"turning 10"

a loving God who speaks to 
the deepest parts of my heart
-the ones that have been weighing me down
and holding me back-
in unexpected ways

He reminds me that He loves me
that His is the only love that comes without condition
without expectation
without rejection

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