wiww -week 2

Before we take a look at some of what I've been wearing in the last week, 
can I just acknowledge something?

I wear alot of grey.  

I know it, and I've actually mentioned it here before.  

I may try and move out of grey - I may not.  
Is that ok?
good.  let's move on.

[2 ministry meetings, shopping with Abbey for a birthday gift]
jeans- gap 
(i also wear jeans: almost always)
grey t - roots
grey cord blazer - h&m
rose pin- made by me (when I gave up tv for lent)
[groceries, work @ church, swimming lessons, kids club - regular Friday]
jeans - old navy
white tank - american eagle
grey cardi - gap
here's a close up of my necklace.
it's kind of tiny, but i like it because it's one of those scrabble tile pendants,
it has 3 eggs (one for each of my chicks)
and it reminded me of a picture in our bathroom.
[monday at the church office]
jeans - dkny, too stretchy kept falling down
black v-neck t - gap
black sweater - club monaco
wooden necklace - dollarama; seriously $1

and because I'm a very goal oriented person 
(and my goal was to try and capture at least 4 days in a week): 
here's the look I had going on yesterday.
I literally didn't leave the house, don't worry.

how'd you do this week?
check out the cute creator of this project at
The Pleated Poppy


  1. Anonymous20.10.10

    Cute outfits!

  2. Great 2nd week! I like you in gray plus you make jeans look very dressy. Tell us more about the rose pin or did I miss that post?

  3. love your little chicky egg pendant. gray is such a great staple. love the little pin you made and added to your gray to 'punch' it with color. cute, cute!

  4. I feel I may have found my grey soul sister. Oh and jeans. Jeans ROCK. I am a huge fan of greys, blacks and neutral because you can easily mix and match and add fun accessories for color.

    Your scrabble tile necklace is darling! What a sweet reminder to wear close to your heart.

    Glad you came back for week 2! :)

  5. I wear a lot of gray too! Your rose pin is super cute and so is the grey cord blazer. I'm so sad we don't have H&M in Texas. I love that store. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment. I like all of your outfits...even the not leaving the house one. I live in the same type of clothes when I'm at home :)

  6. According to the Nate Berkus show (obviously, I have not/could not give up TV but oh man what I could get done if I did) grey is very in this season :) I love that grey cardigan with the white tee, very crisp and cozy. And I can't stand when jeans bag out after only a bit of wear, seriously?! There's got to be a better way!


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