wiww -week 2

Before we take a look at some of what I've been wearing in the last week, 
can I just acknowledge something?

I wear alot of grey.  

I know it, and I've actually mentioned it here before.  

I may try and move out of grey - I may not.  
Is that ok?
good.  let's move on.

[2 ministry meetings, shopping with Abbey for a birthday gift]
jeans- gap 
(i also wear jeans: almost always)
grey t - roots
grey cord blazer - h&m
rose pin- made by me (when I gave up tv for lent)
[groceries, work @ church, swimming lessons, kids club - regular Friday]
jeans - old navy
white tank - american eagle
grey cardi - gap
here's a close up of my necklace.
it's kind of tiny, but i like it because it's one of those scrabble tile pendants,
it has 3 eggs (one for each of my chicks)
and it reminded me of a picture in our bathroom.
[monday at the church office]
jeans - dkny, too stretchy kept falling down
black v-neck t - gap
black sweater - club monaco
wooden necklace - dollarama; seriously $1

and because I'm a very goal oriented person 
(and my goal was to try and capture at least 4 days in a week): 
here's the look I had going on yesterday.
I literally didn't leave the house, don't worry.

how'd you do this week?
check out the cute creator of this project at
The Pleated Poppy


  1. Great 2nd week! I like you in gray plus you make jeans look very dressy. Tell us more about the rose pin or did I miss that post?

  2. love your little chicky egg pendant. gray is such a great staple. love the little pin you made and added to your gray to 'punch' it with color. cute, cute!

  3. I feel I may have found my grey soul sister. Oh and jeans. Jeans ROCK. I am a huge fan of greys, blacks and neutral because you can easily mix and match and add fun accessories for color.

    Your scrabble tile necklace is darling! What a sweet reminder to wear close to your heart.

    Glad you came back for week 2! :)

  4. I wear a lot of gray too! Your rose pin is super cute and so is the grey cord blazer. I'm so sad we don't have H&M in Texas. I love that store. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment. I like all of your outfits...even the not leaving the house one. I live in the same type of clothes when I'm at home :)

  5. According to the Nate Berkus show (obviously, I have not/could not give up TV but oh man what I could get done if I did) grey is very in this season :) I love that grey cardigan with the white tee, very crisp and cozy. And I can't stand when jeans bag out after only a bit of wear, seriously?! There's got to be a better way!


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