go team!

I had to run to the grocery store (for the 50 jillionth time this week) to bake cookies for next week, and as I drove the familiar route, I noticed quite a sight to behold.

It's not the first time I've witnessed this sight, but it's close to the last.

You see, we live very close to the football stadium (until the new one is finished being built) and so on a warm summer evening like tonight, the streets are filled with people walking toward the big game.

I smiled to myself as I saw car loads of people empty out like circus clowns all wearing their Winnipeg Blue Bombers tshirts and hats and jerseys.  I saw people walking in pairs from every direction sporting their team gear - even one guy that had his head shaved with our team logo painted onto it!

It reminded me of the explanation my husband gave the campers at Children's Camp last week about baptism.  He told the kids that to make the public stand of being baptized is like wearing a team jersey, telling the world "I'm with Jesus!"  As we walked onto the beach that evening and three young people were lead into the lake to profess Jesus as the Lord of their life, the image of putting on the jersey played around in my mind.

And tonight as I saw people laughing and walking with determination to the football field, my imagination began to run wild with this picture.

Like, what if we really did wear a jersey all the time to proclaim that we are with Jesus?  Would it change the way we interact we strangers?  Or our family?

How cool would it be to see the jerseys around and know you have something very special in common with people you don't even know?  Like that feeling you get when you see someone in the Mall of America with a Jets tshirt on? (that happened to us earlier this week!)

What about all the people who faithfully gather to watch games, either live or on tv, with friends and family - all the while enjoying the game more because of who they're with?

(this is Cass dressed in Duke gear when
we lived a block off campus!)
And then I thought about how super-fans of a team will get tiny baby jerseys and put them on their infants who somehow grow up to be fans themselves. Are we dressing our kids in lives that claim Jesus as Lord?

Truth be told, I don't know if tonight's Bomber game is over, or who won (or who the Bombers were even playing, for that matter), but it's fun to think about wearing the team jersey for Jesus.
Put it on, friends!

Galatians 3:27 ~ 
"for all of you who were baptized into Christ 
have clothed yourselves with Christ. 



this summer has been anything but slow for our family.

we have had 5 weddings,
(with more to come)
some of which we were part of...

3 weeks at camp,
(with more come)
serving in a variety of ways...

a 3 day get-away,
so needed for the family to reconnect...

{as well as our on-going regular responsibilities at church
(a.k.a. our "jobs")...}

mixed in with 
Gramma's Camp,
the wading pool,
pre-marriage counselling,
entertaining new friends and old,
birthdays and family times,

all the prep that goes along with 
coming and going,
coming and going,
coming and going...

today is a slow day.
nothing on the agenda.

my heart was craving worship as i thought about the seasons
getting ready to change again.

reading in Psalm 104 reminded me 
Who is in control of the seasons,
Who is the One who breathes life into all things.

today i will be slow.
and breathe deep.
and be renewed.

"When you give them your breath
[when you send your Spirit],
life is created,
and you renew the face of the earth."
ps 104:30


secure in Him

Reading in my devos tonight, I came across this (long) quote:

"Don't let people's compliments go to your head, and don't let their criticisms go to you heart. The degree to which you do either of these things is the degree to which you'll be ruled by what other people think of you. And boy, I know from experience how dangerous it is to build the stability of my identity on the fickle opinion of others.

Each day, let God whisper to your heart the truth of who you are - and whose you are...

We must rise above the chatter of the world, place our identities in the un-shifting grace of God, and keep our hearts tuned to the reassuring whispers of Jesus."

It reminded me of one of the memory verses from Girls Camp:

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from THE FATHER of the heavenly lights, who DOES NOT CHANGE like shifting shadows." James 1:17

Thank you Lord that your opinion of me never changes and your love never fails!



i wish i were one of those people who could read book after book after book, gaining entertainment and/or knowledge at a rapid pace....but i'm not.  i like to read, but i'm slow.  i'm too easily distracted to read when there are people (ie, KIDS) around and i fall asleep with a book on my face most nights.  it's a great sleep aide, but not super productive in getting books read.

so when i finally finish a book, it's time to celebrate!

last night i finished reading MWF seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche.  the subheading is 'my yearlong search for a new best friend.'  friendship is something i've been thinking about for quite a while and i'm obsessed with "one year project" types of books, even though i'm pretty sure it's just a writing gimmick.  i figure whatever the motivation to start (and finish) the project, it's still interesting to read about someone's life for a year.

as i read the final pages last night (trying so hard to keep myself awake to finish!), something she said twigged a memory of an evening a couple of months ago.

i was asked to do a demonstration of felt flower making for a ladies event at a church out of town.  my good friend was singing and another friend was sharing her story, so we all drove out together.   i was pretty unsure about doing the demo, because while i've done the singing and the sharing, this was out of my comfort zone!  i had all my stuff ready and figured it would be what it would be...

as i got behind the table, glue gun poised, i saw my two aunts, my cousin and my granny smiling back at me (they go to that church).  suddenly i found myself reverting back to my childhood self - the one who would put on a show for a laugh any ol' time.  my energy was waaay up and i joked as i burned myself.  the whole room was killing themselves laughing and i felt completely at ease - even when i had no idea how to answer their questions. (go figure, i don't craft for a living!)

me and my oldest friend, who lives too far away.
on the way home, my story-sharing friend commented that she thought i was hilarious and that she'd never seen me like that before!  she knows me only from church, from working in ministry together, from doing bible study together.  my singing friend remarked that my performance was the becky she knew and loved.

in the book MWF seeking BFF, Bertsche makes observations about the differences between old friends (from college age or before) and new friends (that are made in adult hood).  she looks at the benefits of people who knew you when you were 16 as well as the drawbacks.  making new friends, as she discovers takes work and a whole lot of effort, but it seems to be something that many women lack in their lives.

i'm not a great friend.  it's ok, i can admit it.

i think i used to be at some point, and i've spent a lot of time thinking about what keeps me from being a great friend.  time?  emotional security?  selfishness?  never knowing the right thing to say?

or is it that this season of life, with busy kids, a household to run, a ministry calling - is just not the right time?  (unfortunately, i can't really buy that one because i see loads of other people that seem to be able to add being a good friend into the mix.)

it seems i'm still on the hunt for answers - so of course, i'll pick up another book!  The Friendship Factor by Alan Loy McGinnis was the first non-fiction book that i ever requested for a gift.  my mom gave it to me and wrote an inscription inside (dated 1994!).  she wrote that she prayed i would have many meaningful friendships throughout my life but that my relationship with my Saviour would always be the most meaningful.   yes!  it was around this time of my life that i first underlined all the friendship verses in proverbs.

"there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."  
- proverbs 18:24b - 

His name is Jesus and i'm so thankful to have Him in my life...closer than any other friend.

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