white flag

so guess what i'm not very good at?

blogging every day, that's what!

oh my goodness, i really thought it would be possible...turns out, it's completely not.  i'm thinking that the people who do this 31 days thing have a plan going in.  i'm guessing they don't decide the day of that they'll dive in.  i think they probably have a list of topics, and probably an alarm clock that they answer early in the morning.  sorry friends, but i can't be bothered with that!  this blog is my hobby and as i often find, as soon as you make something a "have to," it becomes a lot less fun.

so today, 11 days and 6 posts into the project, i wave the white flag.  i admit i'm not going to finish and i'm ok with that.

i'm still thinking about contentment and thanksgiving.  i'm still reading One Thousand Gifts with my Bible Study group.  i even started my own list just yesterday.  i'll still write about what the Lord is teaching me - you know that well will never run dry!

i'm just not going to worry about trying to find time/energy/ideas for a blog post every, every day.

okie dokie?

in other white flag news,  the passion 2012 album by the same title is most definitely my favorite album of the year!  it probably has something to do with being present at the conference and part of the live recording...  nevertheless, i LOVE it!  so here's one of my absolute faves - 10 000 Reasons by Matt Redman.

at Bible study yesterday, one friend said she had started her 1000 gifts list but wasn't numbering them. we all agreed that was a cool idea, because who knows how many she would end up writing down!

maybe even ten thousand.

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  1. LOVE THIS!!! It is opposite of mine, but still true and authentic, which is my jam these days.

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving-my part Canadian sis.in.law just celebrated here in Tennessee!


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