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So there's a linky party around blog-land that happens once a year over at Nesting Place.  It comes around each October and it's called "31 days."  The point is to blog about one topic every day of this month, as a challenge for yourself and for the enjoyment of your readers.

I've never blogged even half the days of one month, and I could never really see myself doing so, so I didn't even consider joining in.

But something happened:

at the same time I was planning to attend a family Thanksgiving dinner....

at the same time I was sitting down to arrange a Thanksgiving church service...

at the same time I was thinking about my Thanksgiving table-scape for the dinner I'm hosting...

I noticed a discomfort in myself.  Not happy...but without any specific reason.  Easily frustrated...without a legitimate cause.  Overly sensitive...without hormonal influence!

I've been feeling fine lately, I thought to myself, what is this?

I passed by my Bible study reading - why am I avoiding this? 

And then it hit me.

Really, Lord?  How many times do I have to beat down this monster?


I picked up my Bible study book, I should at least read the chapter.

One Thousand Gifts.

A book I've heard about a lot, but had never read.  I knew the basic premise - be thankful, list all the good God has brought into your life.  I figured that would be easy enough, and Ann Voskamp would probably have some interesting insights about it all.  I joined the Women's group reading the book together on Wednesday mornings and figured I was doing my part.  I was not dismayed when our leader said this book would challenge us in ways we've never know.  I was not turned off by Lysa Terkeurst's (love her!) quote on the back of the book that said this book would "mess" with me.  I'm thankful, I've got this.

As I stumbled through the words of chapter two my heart and stomach churned.  I learned that I haven't even begun to learn about being thankful.  Deep gratitude.  Overflowing joy.  Salvation.

Then the whisper came.

Next week is Thanksgiving for us here in the northern part of North America.  Why not spend the whole month looking to understand what it means to be thankful?  Why not challenge myself to see the gifts for each day and share them here?

I won't worry about linking up with the group.  I didn't count the list, but I'm pretty sure there are a jillion people joining in.  I'm not worried about being heard here.  I just know what the Lord is calling me to do, and I want to be the kind of follower who obeys.

Join me if you can, I'd love to share this journey with you!

31 days
of Thanksgiving


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