day 4

Today was cleaning day.

There's nothing overly remarkable about that since I do it pretty much every week.  I'm not trying to say having a clean home is good or bad, necessary or a waste of time.  You probably already have your own opinion about that!

I do want to tell you why I clean my home every week because it relates to this 31 day topic of contentment & thanksgiving.

For me, taking care of the things God has given our family is a way of showing how thankful I am.  Regularly vacuuming and washing the floors remind me of the blessings He has poured out.  How He has given us more than I had ever hoped to imagine.

As I clean and polish, dust and organize, I know where everything is.  This helps me to be a good steward by not having to re-buy things I already own but can't locate.

Regular fluffing shows me again how pretty my home is (to me), that I have a lot to be thankful for, that there's nothing to add to what I have.  I truly feel more content with my home when I see it in it's best state.

**If regular house cleaning is not something that you value, please understand that I don't make any judgements on you even though my home is pretty tidy.  I just like my house clean better than not.  When I go to your house I'm there to see you, not to examine your living space! :)

31 days
of Thanksgiving


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