day 5 & 6

...this blogging every day.... pretty impossible for me, it seems!  it's been a fairly busy couple of days, but i have continued to try and think of things for which to be thankful!

~grocery shopping:
Thank You Lord for enough money to feed my family a healthy balanced diet that includes treats too!

~oops, there goes that 'weird thing' the van was doing!
Thank You Lord that the mechanic was able to take a look at and fix our van right away so we wouldn't have to worry about it while driving around this long weekend.

~lunch with my husband:
These days are so much busier than before - thank You Lord that we still are able to connect by grabbing at these moments.

~difficult talk with failing relative:
Lord thank you for this woman who has meant so much to so many people, especially our family.  Thank you for Your grace and wisdom.

~staff meeting:
Thank You Lord for these friends I get to call co-workers and for a job that suits me perfectly and is one of the most satisfying things I've ever done.

~pick up kids from school:
Thanks Lord for the schools our kids attend.  For the loving atmosphere, for their teachers and friendships.  Thank you that they continue to grow and learn, that they are healthy.

~pick up the van:
Perfect timing, Lord - thanks! :)

~off to serve at Finding Freedom:
Thank You Lord for the work of this ministry to people with addictions.  Thank You for the things You have taught me and for allowing me to serve a small role on some Friday evenings.

~kids at kids club and youth group:
Thank You Lord for kids who enjoy being around other christian kids, who love to learn about You and sing to You.

~home again, bed time routine, couch-time with husband:
Thank You Lord for bringing us home safely together.  Thank You that we are all happy to be here and that we have these special moments at the end of the week.

~sleep in:
oooh, that felt great, Thanks Lord!

~tart making for family dinner:
Lord You have made such a wonderful variety of food for us to enjoy! Thank you for pumpkin, lemon and butter tarts!

~brownie baking with youngest:
Thank you Lord for patience and a soft voice, for being able to really enjoy working with my daughter this way.

~break-time! watched 'say yes to the dress' with girls:
Thank you Lord for the fun of dreaming of dresses and husbands and weddings.  Grant me your strength and grace in those days ahead.  Thank you for daughters who are close as sisters and imagine being each others maids of honour.

~shower time for everyone!
Thank You for hot water and nice smelling soap.  Thank You for fluffy towels and clean clothes.

~family Thanksgiving dinner (Nicolas side):
Thank You Lord for a family that enjoys being together, that can laugh at silly things again and again. Thank You for my Granny, even though she can't be as central to the conversation as she once was, she is such a blessing to be near.  She has always meant so much to me.

~home again, bed time routine, sunday prep:
Lord You have brought us home together again - thank you.  Thank You for sweet times of prayer at bedsides.  Thank You for calm moments and plenty of rest.  Thank You that we get to go to Your house tomorrow.

A busy couple of days, but endless reasons to praise!  A good reminder for myself to keep looking up!


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