7 & 8

i'm at a bit of a loss of what to write.
i feel thankful for all i have,
for the many ways the Lord has blessed my life.

but you reach a certain age, or maturity perhaps,
and realize that being happy in yourself 
isn't always enough.

i feel burdened for a loved one who is struggling.
i feel sad for the loss they are facing,
for the inability to face the truth of their circumstances.

i want to help.
i want to make it better somehow.
i want the days to move faster so the anticipation 
becomes the reality.

but it is not my journey to walk.
there is nothing i can do to make it easier.
i can't help her remember.

all i can do is love.
i can get my hands dirty when the time comes
and speak Truth with an extra measure of Grace.
and i can pray.

"Though the mountains be shaken
and the hills be removed..."
please show her that
 "[Your] unfailing love for [her] will not be shaken
    nor [Your] covenant of peace be removed,”

and give her a deep sense of your compassion.
 (isaiah 59:10)

may she find thanksgiving in time for next Thanksgiving.



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