Don't most kids go through this phase where when you ask them to pose for a picture and say, "smile!" this is the face they make?  I love it!  It almost seems like they so desperately want to show you how very happy they are, and that the only way to do it is smile for all they're worth!

I like to think I'm a fairly joyful person...most days.  I have no expectation that my life should be easy, smooth or even "happy."  But I do believe God's Word when I'm told that joy is possible for me.  

but, on a day like today when I have unanswered questions and problems I'm not sure how to solve, I have to ask.....How?


Take a look at Isaiah 55!
If I choose to believe that only He can satisfy. (v 1-2)  If I choose to believe that He hears me and always keeps His promises. (v 3-4)  He  has made me splendid! (v 5)  He will let me find Himself and He will  show me mercy. (v 6-7)  He knows my situation and myself better than I do and always sees the big picture. (v 8-9)  He has given me purpose and will help me reach His goals for my life! (10-11)  He will bring me joy and peace! (v 12) 

I'm smiling harder already! 


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