and so it begins....

I'm new to the world of blogs.
But ever since I started reading the blogs of some friends and some strangers, it got me to wondering: why would a person do this?  Also, would I ever feel like I had something to blog about?  

As recently as this morning, I decided again, "no.  no one would want to read something I would have to say.  there's nothing to be gained by it."

or is there?

This afternoon I started a new bible study.  It suggests that you get the most of it if you do it in a group.  Well, I guess I'm not going to get "the most" since I'm doing it on my own.  
The study is about body image (and I'm not ready to go there yet!) but it got me thinking about other areas of my life.  While the study led me through scripture passages about being appreciative of the body the Lord made for me, I thought of other areas of my life in which I seem to never be happy.

This pile of books sits on my night stand and represents the many areas where I have tended to see myself as "not good enough."

~Why can't I be a better wife?  How can I get him to be better to me?
~Why won't my kids just obey?  What am I doing wrong?
~I'm supposed to be a worship leader...am I living that from Monday-Saturday?
~Oh devotions!  Will ever do it right and get up at 6am for that special time?
~I want to be a leader that casts vision...yet I feel so blind!
~Shouldn't I know at least most of my Bible by now??

These books, written to teach, encourage and inspire me.  I've let them taunt and chastise me.  Not because of their content or the way they're written - because of how I see myself.

Today it changes.

Don't be alarmed by the title of my blog.  I'm not looking to get more "stuff" and I'm not looking to achieve my list in 6 easy steps.  I want to look for ways to live out 2 Peter 1:5-8 each day.  Just a little bit at a time.

I won't be perfect.  That's ok.

I won't get it all right every time.  Don't give up.

Some days, it will seem like I'm not adding, but subtracting!  No one is keeping score!

a little bit more.....

care to join me?


  1. Anonymous10.6.09

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and desires and for being so HONEST! I appreciated that!
    You are a very eloquent speaker, ever thought of writing a book?! Think you should!
    Looking forward to more reading your blog!
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Bobby Jo Morin10.6.09

    k, not sure why it says anonymous..my computer is doing weird things! It was me, Bobby Jo!

  3. Deb L11.6.09

    Hey Becky,
    Of COURSE your have something to say, and it's what a lot of people feel, and you say it very eloquently.
    You're gonna get readers. Oh yes. Have no doubts.
    To paraphrase 'Field of Dreams', "If you build it [they] will come."
    Love ya, miss ya, thinking of you guys always.

  4. looking forward to reading what you have to share.
    the very fact that the words are from you, will be
    advice: don't worry too much about what others will think...write from the heart, for yourself.. more than anyone else.
    enjoy the blog journey!!

    i'm already a fan :)

  5. Miriam12.6.09

    Hey Becky,

    I will definitely read your blog. Thanks for this, I am sure it will bless you, me and many other people. Take care girl. Miss you. Miriam


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