on again/off again

today's the day i write about the trouble with blogging.  you may notice that i have troubles with this by the fact that i go through spurts and breaks, taking this blog off for public view and putting it back on.  the inconsistency of that really bothers me.  alot.

the trouble with blogging is that it is so one sided.  

i really like the process of writing - it helps me think things through.  i like taking or finding pictures and "pretty-ing" things up.  i like the editing and arranging of posts and my page.

i just wish everyone who read my blog had a blog also.  or maybe that we could sit down and chat about things, so that i could spout off my views (as i do here) and then you could tell me what you think.

the trouble with blogging is that it can give a sense of intimacy that might not be real.

if you've read this blog, you know alot about who i am.  honesty is one of the character traits i value the most, and so while i'm by no means perfect (so, so far from that), everything i write here is true and reveals some of the deepest parts of my heart.  this can leave me feeling really naked and exposed.  i don't know the deepest parts of most of you.  if you keep a journal, it's kind of like leaving your journal on the coffee table, for anyone to flip through....or maybe more like leaving it at the bus stop...

by now i can imagine what you're thinking. (given that i have the gift of telepathy - just kidding!)

becky - blogging is your choice.  what you share is your choice.  whether or not you link to FB is your choice.

oh friend, you are so right!

i have thought about it so much - probably almost too much.  i have prayed about it as i wish and long for meaningful relationships.  i have asked for guidance, for wisdom, for peace.

today the Lord answered in short melody based on a verse i long ago memorized:
"no weapon formed against you will prosper"
(isa 54:17)

my eyes have been opened to the truth of 1 peter 5:7-8 as i considered all the ways i have let the devil whisper lies to me (you have no friends, no one cares what you have to say, you are worthless...).

dear reader (if you're out there) this blog is not for you.  it for my Lord.  sometimes it will be heavy (like today!) and sometimes it will be light and fluffy.  sometimes i'll ask questions, sometimes i'll have found an answer to talk about.  

i pray that i'll have the strength to stand each day against everything that fights against who God has intended me to be and today i pray that for you too.


  1. i struggle with the same things too! and there are things that i have kept hidden in my personal journal because it's too much for me to share with the audience of the internet! just to protect my own heart you know?

    i love reading your blog, and that you read mine, and i hope that this blog can be something for YOU. and no one else :)

  2. I love the way to 'talk things out' here Becky. By doing so you help us, your readers to consider the same types of things in our own lives, our own journeys with the Lord. By doing so you are being a good steward of this gift of writing that He's bestowed upon you. By doing so you are being the iron that sharpens iron. Please don't hide that from us. I love coming by here. You say things I'm often thinking, but am not sure how to brooch on my own blog. You are a gift to us. Thank you for leaving 'the journal open' we are blessed every time we walk by and have a peek :) Be blessed my friend.

  3. Deanne3.10.11

    Well, you know how I feel about your blog! Praying you will be filled with Gods truth!

  4. Hey Becky ... you have expressed the sentiments of my heart - often! Blogging gives one a way to put some of it out there - always wondering if it is "too much" ... leaving yourself vulnerable is a hard thing - but I always admire authenticity and honesty ... so dear one - be encouraged as you also encourage us who read your blog! Love to you.

  5. If you make this your safe place for authenticity, you welcome others in to feel the same. just be you. you bring a lot to the table.


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