worth a try

I think our part of the world can be divided into two categories:

~those who take vitamins

~those who don't

Of course, within each category there are different groups: people who take loads of vitamins, one-a-day-multi types, people who think vitamins are a waste of money and people who don't think about vitamins at all.

I typically fall into the "don't" category, but it's not because I don't "believe" in them.  I simply tend to forget (more than once I've thrown away bottles of expired vitamins) and they make me nauseous.

I really think vitamins are good, though, so I'm trying again.

I read in a book (do you notice how often I say that?) about a phase in a woman's life that the author described as "the slump."  Post-pregnancy, pre-pre-menopause, it's a time where a woman's balance get can way out of whack.

I think I might be in that phase.

My moods (particularly related to pms) have been - ca-ra-zy!  Honestly, that's how I've felt.  Roller coaster city.  I really, REALLY dislike this, so I've tried adapting my diet (as much as a girl like I can), but I'm not seeing the dramatic results I was hoping for!

I've done some reading on omega 3s & 6s and decided to add that to my nausea-inducing pile of vitamin goodness.

Anybody out there have some experience with this?

I figure it's worth a try, and while I wait for some miraculous change I'll continue to pray one of my favorite (out of necessity) verses from the psalms:

"may You good Spirit lead me on level ground."
(ps 143:10b)


  1. my husband leaves vitamins out for me once in awhile as a "reminder". I gag when I swallow them.....so more times than not I actually throw them away when he's not looking.
    Aren't I nice?
    I LOVE the verse.So funny! LEvel ground. Yes please!

  2. Deanne16.9.11

    I am terrible at remembering to take them too. Anson takes them every day. They too make me nauseous. But I have started taking Bilberry for pms, mood swings etc. :)It does not make me nauseous. You can find it at a health food store. Yay for leel ground.


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