won't give up

part of what my husband and i do in ministry is offer pre-marriage counseling.   we really enjoy getting together with (usually) young couples with stars in their eyes and so much hope...

we always say how good it is for our own marriage to go through the basics over and over again.  we do the sessions in our home around food and hot coffee, and we've always told our kids that they are part of the ministry with us.  their job is mostly to stay downstairs playing wii (not fighting) and to pray for our friends that come.  it's so sweet to hear their voices lift up these couples as they "remind" God that so&so are getting married...

this spring we've had 4 couples lined up (and one more come fall), so it's been quite busy!  we try very hard to have fun with them, build a (hopefully lasting) relationship with them but also be very honest.

  "without the Lord at the centre of their life, I don't know how people make it," we tell them.

  "there will come a time where being a good person is not enough motivation to do the right thing, where wanting to please your partner won't matter enough to treat them well.  only Jesus will carry you through. without Him, you will give up."

my cousin (in law?) posted a video on her shop's blog of a very young duo doing a very cool rendition of "call your girlfriend."  i had to hear more of them!  in my searching, i found this version of "i won't give up" by jason mraz.  something about these sweet 12 and 8 yr old voices.....

I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love
I'm still looking up

if "looking up" means looking to Jesus for His grace, forgiveness and acceptence.....

if it means seeking Him for completeness and restoration.....

if not giving up means not giving in to the lies of devil...

it'll all be ok.
you won't give up.
you will go the distance.

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  1. I love this! Things I love:

    1.premarriage counseling. it's the bees-knees.
    2. that it is part of your ministry
    3. that you do it in your home
    4. that your kids get to see you do that, AND
    5. they get to participate in it.

    it almost makes me cry.


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