when did this become my life?

...a question i've asked myself a time or two.

usually it's at a time where the kids are fighting,
a toilet is overflowing,
the stresses are mounting...

but today i asked myself this question out of delight,

i actually got up early for QT this morning.  
i wish i were a little more regular with that, 
but nevertheless
i got up and enjoyed the sunshine and the Word.


after the kids left for school
(and G for the church),
i set about the weekly house cleaning.
everything spic-and-span makes me feel at peace.
i even vacuumed the entire carpet of the boy's room without sucking up a single piece of lego!
who knew that was even possible?

a shower, a light lunch and an episode of sarah 101.

a bike ride to the fabric store to buy burlap.
(a pinner i follow has been posting so many things you can make with burlap!)
did you know it only costs $1.99?
i didn't - happy surprise!

home again, coffee's on, grab my book and head out to the sunshine.
as i stepped toward the shed to put away my bike
two lovely butterflies chased each other around my head.
i actually questioned out loud,
and as i looked around to see if anyone had heard me talking to myself, i marveled at this day.

when did this become my life?

{thank You Lord for a good day of refreshment.
thank You for all the days You've prepared for me -
i'll thank You now, just in case i don't have the strength 
at the time.}

"when times are good, be happy; 
when times are bad, consider this:
God has made the one as well as the other."
ecclesiates 7:14

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  1. that sounds like a perfect day!


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