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This past Sunday was Mother's Day.  As the mom of three (wonderful) children, I've grown accoustomed to being showered with love, affection and acts of service on that special day.  The kids gave me their hand-made wonders and I received my favourite thing - fill in the blank "I love mom because...." gifts from two of them.

I love this picture of my mom and my son because he is not
a huggy-kissy kind of guy, but my mom will grab him and
show him all the affection he doesn't think he needs! 
I also had the privilege of hosting the celebratory brunch for my mom, and as I prepared for that, I got to thinking about all the things I've learned from her over the 36 Mother's Days we've had together.  It was a wonderful excercise to consider how much of who I am is because of her.  So here they are (in no specific order):

on housekeeping:
1. Clean weekly, so the mess never builds up to an all-day job.
2. Even on a lazy day where I want to watch tv all day, if I do some small job during every commercial, I'll get alot done.
3. If your kitchen, bathroom and main living space are tolerable, you'll never be horrified by a drop-by visitor.
4.  Dust first, then vacuum.
5. An organized home is a peaceful home.
6.  If you have too much stuff to keep track of - PURGE!
7.  If you can't find things or buy multiples of the same item because you forgot you had it - PURGE!
8.  Pretty containers make organizing more fun and inspiring.

on hospitality:
9.  Do as much as you can in advance, so you can enjoy your guests when the arrive.
10.  Put the food away and leave the rest of the clean up for after your guests leave.
11. Be present!
12.  Make a list of the things you intended to serve - then you won't open the fridge after your guests leave and realize you forgot to serve the salad!
13.  Have some interesting and funny things prepared for when conversation lulls.
14.  A home that is comfortable, tidy and inviting will help put people at ease, and a warm greeting helps even more!
15.  China is not just for major holidays.  If you"ve got "good dishes," who are you saving them for? 
16.  Be light and entertaining, inviting and open with your guests and at social functions.
17.  A meal doesn't have to be gourmet to be guest-worthy.

on faith and service:
18.  Scripture memory never stops being important.
19.  Read your bible cover to cover as often as you can.
20.  Stay in group bible study, lead as you're lead.
21.  Journalling is a good way to keep track of how God is at work in your life.
22.  Pray for an obedient heart
23.  Speak the truth
24.  Be peaceable (but not at any price)
25.  Serve women and be ready to share your story

on marriage and family:
26.  Be responsible for who you are and what you do - in your marriage, as a parent, as the daughter of aging parents
27.  Let your husband show love by leading
28.  Freshen up before he comes home from work
29.  Teach your children to honour their dad
30.  Speak to the uniqueness of each child and find a place to connect from there
on personal growth:
31.  There is no benefit to pretending to be someone you are not
32.  "Be sure your sins will find you out"
33.  "Let the grace of God dwell in you richly"
34.   Have a "ready" laugh - this will bless people more than you can imagine
35.  REST as your body and soul requires it, try not to wait until it's past due!

and lastly, this one is a lesson i learned just today through a phone conversation with her....
36.  When you plan on parking yourself on the couch with your coffee and tv remote: don't forget to bring the cordless phone with you! (thanks, Mom!)

Not to brag (oh that should be on the list too, "don't brag")  but my mom is great!  If you know her, you know that already.  She is a testimony to all the God is doing in her life and the fact that at her stage of living, she is still growing in Him.  What more could any of us hope for?

Thanks, Mom!

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  1. Barb Neufeld16.5.12

    One terric lady and certainly one to look up to and emmulate.


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