for whatever reason, this morning i woke up feeling very nostalgic.  (maybe it was the fact that i had an awesome sleep, and the kids didn't get up until almost 10am! thankyouverymuch spring break...)

as i (finally) got ready to come into the church to work, i put on the necklace Gavin gave me for our first anniversary and i remembered that first year of marriage.  it wasn't easy, but there was so much fun!  i remembered how happy he was to give it to me and how he actually ended up putting it on my neck a full 2 months before our special day, just because he wanted me to have it.

as i carefully untangled it (no, my jewelery is not super-organized) i remember how as a little girl, i always took my tangled necklaces to my dad and he always was able to make them straight.  there's a tiny knot in the chain i'm wearing today, perhaps i should take it to him....  i always used to marvel at his thick, rough fingers were able to do such delicate work.

as i looked through a friend's facebook photos of their experience taking young adults to Passion Vancouver, i started to feel all excited inside as i remembered all the fun we had in Atlanta and the awesome experience of worshipping with so many people.  i think of it every time i listen to the new album that was recorded during the conference.  i jokingly tell people that i can totally hear my voice on a few of the songs....

even more, as i looked on the faces of these friends, i remember how we met them very early in our time in Durham, NC.  i thought about how the Lord brought us to that state and how He brought us to that little church where He introduced us to this sweet family from our home town - only the Lord!  and for all the 'trouble' with facebook (the potential for time-sucking and the depressive feelings that can occur) this is one of those times where the Lord can really use it.  what an amazing blessing to know how He's continuing to use and move in the lives of people.  what a beautiful gift to see people I know, even if just for a little while, use their talents for His kingdom.  

my heart feels so mushy today....but this is exactly what i needed for this day.

i prayed and asked the Lord for inspiration this morning as i'm sitting down to get (hopefully) most of my prep done for the Easter weekend.  this nostalgic is the answer to that prayer, i'm certain.  soft feelings of recollection are exactly where i need to begin as i reflect on the days leading up to the Lord's last time around the table with His friends.  a tender heart is what i need to take me to a place of vivid imagination as i consider the day my Lord was hung on the cross.  and this buzzing of excitement is just what i want to feel as i think about the day His friends found the empty tomb - when the light began to dawn on them, when they saw a glimpse of what this meant...

look back, my friends - it can give you what you need today to look forward.

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