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so you may be wondering,
what have i been so busy doing that i've haven't been posting here?

well, it has been busy....

Easter weekend has come and gone - 
all the worship planning and practice was well worth it.  
the name of the Lord was lifted high as we celebrated our traditional services on 
Maundy Thursday,
Good Friday &
Easter Sunday.

ministry life has been busy as we're looking forward and planning for many
exciting changes.

we've been enjoying hanging out with some fun, young couples as
we've been doing pre-marriage couples.
we always say it's like marriage counselling for us every time we lead these discussions.

we've had lots of friends and family over to visit.
(i'm getting more relaxed about having things 'perfect' and learning better to just enjoy when people come to hang out.)

my daughter has started and completed her heritage fair project.
i'm not going to lie, it was almost our undoing....

i'm almost finished my beth moore study on james.
it will be hard to let go, it's been so good!

and we've begun planning for a certain girly-girl's 7th birthday,
which reminds me, 
i've also been uploading videos from our camcorder to the computer
for the first time EVER.  
  here's a look back 5 yrs ago at that girl:

so yes, we've been busy.


  1. oh cassidy. i love how she held up 4 fingers. life is beautiful.

  2. hahaha! CASSIDY! she's such a gem that one!


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