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Well, a little late to the party (as usual), I've finally decided to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.

I resisted for quite a while.  I loved looking at friends pictures and got recipes from the links of people I know, but I just wasn't sure it was for me.  I doubted that I would know where to find "cool" pictures of pretty rooms, and craft ideas and wardrobe collages....  I figured anything I would do would just be a copy of someone else's boards and pins.

Those were my classic "self doubt" reasons, but there was another reason I resisted.

I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to handle it.  I think it's pretty common for people to struggle with the whole social media phenom.  Facebook drains times from a day and makes us think that everyone else is living the life I've always wanted...  Blogs (some, not all) can give the perception of perfection - parenting, exercising, cooking, organizing, loving and living with grace and beauty...inside and out... Twitter says everyone has something to say - except me?... Even Instagram can be a stumbling block - how does everyone else seem to take the most elegant photos?...

I was concerned if I started pinning, I'd start pining - haha, see the play on words?  But would it be true?  Would pinning pretty things and crafts and recipes I'll never have or do or make cause the seeds of discontent to be planted and sprout...into a beanstalk worthy of climbing?  At this season of life, can I trust myself to handle this?

And then one day, as I dragged a link to my desktop I noticed that my desktop was full of links that I didn't want to lose or forget.  I also noticed that they didn't display an image, so when I went to look for a specific link, I had to open each one until I found it (oh the humanity).  I realized that I was essentially using my desktop as a pinboard! (maybe this is how the idea was born??)

So with a prayer for strength and moderation, I set up my boards - unique to me and possibly boring to others.  I pulled together everything off my desktop and found some good ideas from friends near and far.  I've tried new recipes and gotten lots of inspiration.  I'm committed to knowing my limits - there are days that I don't click that pretty P if I know I'm tired and possibly feeling want-y, but overall it's been a super organized way of keeping track of things.

What's your favorite thing about Pinterest?

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  1. I know what you mean and I admire your resistance-theres nothing wrong with NOT jumping on the band wagon. its kinda cool. I have to be careful with how much "stuff" I fill my mind with too-as you know, so initially I also wondered if the whole pinning thing would send me down the river of discontentment. (of course that didn't stop me though).
    thank goodness I have found the whole pinning experience quite informative. i'm a sucker for "organization" so even the act of creating thematic boards gives me a bit of a thrill. and if I'm jealous of someone's pretty pins, I go "repin them" and take them all for myself! Ha i sure show them!
    boy i'm rambling. One other nice thing about pinterest compared to something like facebook is that If you stop using it you won't miss out on anything. when I stopped using facebook, it felt weird to hear about events second hand or big parties planned on the facebook community. When you don't use fb you have to accept the fact that you won't necessarily be "in the know", you know? Pinterest on the other hand... ...no one will be talking about the incredible recipe you missed while you were absent from the site. pinterest would be easy to quit. (i think??)
    you know yourself so well. you are a smart lady.


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