Sometimes when dad is away, mom gets to be the fun one. Mom gets to takes the kids on a special outing or have a favorite meal.

Sometimes when dad is away, the kids pull together, work together, play and share together.

Sometimes when dad is away, mom is light, the days are peaceful, the time flies by.

Then there other times.

Mom wakes up to the sound of fighting, or wild running, or wrestling that's only fun for the biggest kid and always ends in crying.

The day is spent saying 'no,' sighing heavily, and rolling eyes, (kids & mom alike).

The nights can't come quickly enough, and even in their sleep they are demanding as they take turns sleep walking - scaring the pants off me every time when they show up out if nowhere saying crazy things...

And when dad comes through the door, we all breathe a sigh of relief, try to let bygones be bygones, and greet him with delight, not 'save me!'
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And we hope and pray that next time (in 2 weeks!) will be better; we remember that each member of our family is so vital and loved; we makes plans to do better and be better.

Maybe I'll even buckle down and get this book read before the next time....

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  1. Tracy23.2.12

    So true, those "light" days make you feel like you could keep doing this forever, and all is right in the world and then there are the other days... I think God gives you those good days to get you though the rest. I love to check out what words of wisdom you have been offering and get getting caught up


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