Some people are just born with a romantic soul.  My youngest daughter is like that.  She treasures little tokens from friends, she's very affectionate and puts hearts and flowers on everything.  Valentine's day was made for her!

Not long ago, I was wearing a locket that belonged to my mom - I'm not sure why she ever gave it me, but I wear it a lot.  Inside is a picture of my folks in the early '70s and my older brother as an infant.  It's pretty cool to walk around wearing a little bit of family history!

Cass snuggled with me on the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon and was opening and closing the locket. She stared long and hard at the pictures inside and then would snap it shut.  When her blue eyes met mine, she asked:

"Do you ever just hold the locket in your hand and remember your mom and dad and uncle Johnny and then look at the pictures and smile and then snap the locket shut?"

With a far-away look in her eye, she smiled a small smile and I didn't even have to answer.  In her romantic heart, she knew it was true.

With her around, we'll always have plenty of love and romance on Feb 14 and always!

Happy love day!


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  2. try again. Cassidy is sweet and very thoughtful. we've seen her be loving towards her friends first hand. i love the story about the locket. :)


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