the strangest thing is happening to me....

i literally don't remember when it last occurred...

i'm not exactly sure what has brought it on....

i'm actually getting excited about Christmas.

in november.

early november.

if you know me well, you'll know that i have a tendency to be a bit of a 'scrooge.'  i'm not the person that puts their tree up just after halloween.  i turn off jingle bells the second i hear the first jingle.  i'm not the person that delights in Christmas shopping and baking and parties and concerts.  i try to 'be of good cheer;' - jolly, and whatnot - because i am able to delight in my children's enjoyment of the season (i'm not that bad).

but this year, something is different.

is it because i'm almost half way through the gift purchasing or because we already have snow?

is it because i was forced to listen to Christmas music in july (in order to find choir pieces) and now i'm just conditioned to it?

is it because i'm excited about some craft projects i have planned for family & friends and have come up with many ideas to simplify the holiday hoopla?

whatever it is, i'm thankful.

it feels really bad to be the "only" one who isn't just itching to get out the crates of decorations while blasting boney m.

last year, i decided to have a family theme for the Christmas season.  this year, an idea came to mind as i was preparing for the Advent celebration we do each sunday at church that i've decided to use as our family theme as well.

Let every heart prepare Him room.

my prayer is that as i go about the routines and checklists of the season with an (unusual) smile on my face, my heart will be full of the promise and hope that only He can bring - through His birth and as each new day arrives.

What will you do to prepare room in your heart for Him this Christmas?

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  1. i like your family theme, great idea! preparing room for Jesus...
    i was thinking today that i need to chose to be joyful, MORE. not necessarily slap my knee hilarious, but in the every-day and in the stressful life-events, to just turn my head and heart and ask for His JOY. "the Joy of the Lord is my strength". Its a tall order I know, but its my goal. i'm glad you feel "christmasy"! :)


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