life rearranged

it's my first time linking up at liferearranged.com
for insta-friday.

one of the reasons i was excited to get an iphone was to use the cool instagram app.  i haven't taken oodles of pics, so here's some from the last couple of weeks.

the first picture i posted was of my co-worker (friend) Kent.
we see him alot standing right there. :)

this is our kids' elementary school - isn't it cute, like something out a old movie?

here's my hubby - i called this picture "evening Gav" because this is what he likes to do while i watch hgtv.  

my son and his buddy have an epic light saber battle - so cool in the dark.

my firstborn's 11th birthday....where does the time go?

usually when you step on lego, one gets very unhappy.  
this time i just smiled - how cute is this lego chicken?

when my feelings were (inadvertently) hurt this week, my husband brought me these beautiful flowers. it reminded me that he's always on my side.

this week has actually been a little rough for me, but looking back makes me realize how very much i have to be thankful for!


  1. I had to check out your post because the little lego chicken is really cute, and because your name is Becky just like mine! It is always great to find a fellow follower of Jesus, mother, and blogger. Sorry about your week, it really does help to remind ourselves all that we have been blessed with. Enjoy your new phone and the instagram app.

  2. Very fitting to see Gavin with a bag of natchos. :)

  3. Hi Becky, sorry I haven't been by in some time. I really hope your joy has returned. Your sadness could be felt through your posts. I was thinking that maybe you'd like to plan a b'fast date for early in the New Year, Stella's? Also, did you hear that Isabelle was at Kent and Christine's place yesterday, so funny, such a small world. Hope to hear from you soon. Hugs.


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