Sunday Setlist - Oct 30

I'm linking up with the Worship Community for Sunday Setlist again! 

This week at ACC, we continued our in-depth study of Colossians.  I was away for the kick-off of the series, so I listened to the sermon online as I was preparing for October 30th service.  Our lead pastor gave this descriptive phrase to sum-up the book Colossians:

Jesus Christ is everything
and only He can give you everything you need
so everything you do should be done for Him.
I contemplated these words as I browsed around the world wide web for music.  When I came across this song: Jesus at the Centre of it All.

We sang it as an offeratory, though people joined in especially by the third verse.
has anyone else done this song?  i think it's pretty new...

In addition to that, we sang:

Holy is the Lord (Tomlin/Giglio)
Everlasting God (Brenton Brown/Ken Riley)
Who is there Like You (Paul Oakley)
Jesus Paid it All (hymn)
Faithful One (an oldie, but an almost theme song for our people)

I'm always so grateful to feel the hand of the Holy Spirit in my planning, and continue to pray that He will use the gift of music for His glory!

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  1. Becky,

    I love the book of Colossians - what a rich treasure of truth, beauty and goodness. Paul highlights the supremacy of Christ in so many different ways. May He be at the center of all we do!

    Stay connected...


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