voting day

she stepped out the door and down the steps.
the air was warm.
the sun was bright.

across the street
and down the sidewalk
toward the church she'd driven past so many times.

the leaves crunching beneath her red shoes
she walked briskly,
with purpose.

she was doing what was required
and yet it was something more.

she considered how many 
friends and strangers
were walking down how many streets,
leaves crunching,
sun shining.

today is voting day.

she stepped into the coolness of an old building,
down the red carpeted stairs
past arrows and smiling faces.

her name was crossed off the list,
her X was marked and stuffed into the ballot box.
she thinks she knows who might win.

back outside and toward home
the sun still shone
while cool drops of rain landed on her arms
and cheeks and glasses.

along with the neighbours
she looked up in confusion-

sun showers in october?
who would have thought,
she smiled to herself.

as stepped closer to home she prayed.
thank you Lord for freedom to vote.
have Your way in this neighbourhood,
in this city,
in my life.


  1. Yup, we are so fortunate to be truly free!

  2. I felt the EXACT same thing when Everett and I walked down the street to vote. I was once again struck by how peaceful it is to live here.


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