have you ever had that thing where you say something (or quote someone) that sounds 'wise' in a conversation with a friend, only to later realize that quote was for yourself?

is it just me?

the truth of the matter is i read quite a bit and listen to a lot of sermons and podcasts, so i've often got something on the tip of my brain that can fit into conversation, and i often worry that i sound like the 'answer lady' - because i certainly am not...

the other day i was chatting with a friend and i heard myself quote something my husband said in a sermon years ago. (in fact, i told my friend that it was the first time when listening to him speak that i didn't hear him, i heard the Lord.)

"when you see an eagle, high in the sky, coasting-
they're actually gradually floating closer to the ground.
if you're in a place in your relationship with the Lord where you know you're coasting,
you're not maintaining the place you were-
you're moving farther away from Him."

this has been ringing through my brain ever since i quoted it.

this is the reminder the Lord had for me - i have been coasting.

this morning a verse came to mind as i was sorting the laundry:

"in repentance and rest is your salvation,
in quietness and trust is your strength..."
isaiah 30:15

i confess, Lord, i've been trying to do it on my own...
i'm busy - and keeping busy - not slowing down to hear from  You....
i talk to too much, even when i talk to You - teach me listen...
i believe Your ways for me are best, help me to overcome any unbelief...


  1. I pray that you will experience a re-fanning of the flame of passion for wisdom and truth he has set inside of you Becky. Be blessed today my friend.

  2. thanks for the verse from Isaiah.very powerful. so often I "calm" my thoughts/concerns by praying (words, words, words) to God. Its strengthening to do, but am I listening in return? Your thoughts are a nudge for me too.thanks.


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