i took my kids to assiniboine park last week in an effort to take their "school" pictures.  (one of the reasons i got the camera was exactly for this purpose- to avoid having to get the classic school photo for our family and friends.)  the day was beautiful and it was before the big windstorm we had in these parts, so the leaves were lovely!  i had visions of subtle smiles and casual action shots....

but my kids LOVE to pose! :)  and they LOVE to come up with ideas of when, where and how they will do this alone and together.

here's a "small" sample:

funny kids.
a trip to our favorite local ice cream shop was in order, and we all went home happy.


  1. The three of them on the chair is my favorite! Your kids are awesome :)

  2. so many great shots! i love the one with ethan by himself..such a handsome little man!


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