new camera!

i should be folding laundry,
but instead i'm playing with my 

my old point and shoot was fine 
(though the lcd display had a huge blotch...
and it was incapable of taking pictures from far away...)

but when my hubby surprised me with an early anniversary gift,
this lady was thoroughly delighted!

a perfect and much needed pick-me-up:
hours playing with the most enthusiastic model. :)

and since my friend (KENT) said i should tell you about this 
new thing - can we call it my new pet? - 

here you go!

thanks to my sweetie.


  1. Deanne14.6.11

    What kind is it. We are looking to buy new camera. Is it hard to use?
    What a great surprise! Happy Anniversary.

  2. nicely done Gav-anniversay gift and all.
    I love the pictures with Cassidy...she is so pretty and looking "all grown up!" :(
    good call to quote my husband in BOLD....who knows what he might have done if credit hadn't been given where credit was due......
    p.s.s. I also LOVED "the help". well written, great story, made me say things like "well, I'll BE" with a southern accent!

  3. Oh my goodness, what fun!!! The pics look great. Laundry can wait. Memory making starts now!


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