motivation often strikes at the most inopportune moments. 

here i sit at "my" desk at the church, trying to focus on the tasks at hand and all i can think about is my closet.  and my kids' closets.  and my storage closet.  all i can think about it getting some boxes and maybe some work gloves (because that seems official) and pitching things.

anyone else need a fresh start today?

last week i read in psalm 89:10
"You crushed the great sea monster."  
isn't that so inspiring?? :)  
ok, stay with me....  
the footnote in my bible said that the sea monster was called "Rahab" and was a mythical creature that represents chaos in ancient literature.

"You, God, crush chaos."

isn't that so inspiring?

now, i'm not trying to suggest that God will crush the chaos in my closets,
i don't want to seem flippant,
but i do know that my closets can represent my heart to some degree...
and there's something very therapeutic about sorting and cleaning when you have the time...
and though my closet will never be able to look like this:

(a girl can dream!)

i can bring calm to my heart and home by tackling this (not so) little project this week.

but can someone tell me it's ok to not have a garage sale instead of dropping off your used things at goodwill?


  1. oh my word, that is exactly what i'm telling myself this morning/ afternoon!!!! hilarious. I had mentally planned a garage sale for this saturday, just found out Knet has meetings all day. NOT HAPPENING.
    I think the peace and calmness that you speak of trumps any allusions of a garage sale and extra cash.
    Join me in loading up the trunk and heading to goodwill (when you have TIME).

  2. Deanne6.6.11

    I am constantly bringing things to the thrift store. No garage sales here either. I do however like the thrift stores that charge next to nothing and are non profit. So people who really need it can afford it. But now onto the point of your post. I love that idea....God crushing chaos. Thanks for that today. An encouragement to just be still and know that He is God.
    PS. Even though I am always going to the thrift store, my house barely looks like I have made a dent in the chaos here.


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