mission accomplished!

I have a little quirk in my personality 
~I know, shocking! :) ~

call it determination...

call it a dog with a bone...

call it obsession....

(personally I like the first one the best!)

My little quirk is that when I get an idea for something I plan or need to purchase, I must MUST search high and low, left, right and centre for the perfect item.

Perfect for me means:
the absolute best priced,
super quality,
long lasting,
personality suiting

This problem great affects me when it's time to purchase a new parka for my kids because then
most wind resistant,
a colour that won't show the dirt so fast,
get added to the criteria!

So several months ago I decided to buy a new bed spread for myself  my husband and I.  It was over a year ago that I noticed where my quilt had become threadbare, but at the time, I wasn't ready.

(do you wonder if EVERYthing in my life is a really big deal??)

As my birthday approached, I decided that a new quilt would be a good gift for me my husband to give me,
so the search intensified!

I've never searched so long and hard for anything...
not even a parka!

But today ~finally~ I found what I was looking for
(cut to U2 music)


creamy and heavily quilted coverlet with pretty damask sheets in lilac!
(thankfully my husband is very secure in his masculinity...)

I found the accent pillow first (love!) and it helped build "the look."
The best part is that my treasured afghan from my aunt fits perfectly!

Overall, the look is very B&B, I like to think!

And all those hours (and miles) spent on the hunt?

totally worth it.


  1. This post is so you!! Love the quilt and it looks perfect.

  2. Anonymous8.6.11

    You are not alone, your cousin Kyle researches a purchase to death!!! Aunt Darlene


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