new gadget

what's the difference between a gadget and a widget?

it's not a joke, i literally don't know.....

Either way, I added a new "something" to my side panel to keep track of the books I'm reading.  Last year I resolved to read more (and better) books.  I think I did pretty well with that resolution.  I discovered a new fiction writer that I LOVE named Lisa Samson.  
Quaker Summer was so inspiring and Embrace Me was very moving.
I finally got around to reading some Donald Miller 
better late than never?
I read two of his books backwards 
(which isn't say from back to front, but in the opposite order to when they were published...)
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years made me think about my story
and Blue Like Jazz made me think about my faith.
I read some biographies and more memoirs - these are my favorite books to read.
A Year of Living Biblically was a fun read that convicted me of how little I know of levitical law and how much discipline it really takes to live as a faithful follower of Jesus.
I read a little book that was on our shelf called Churched about a guy growing up in a fundamentalist church and how's he reconciled it with how he understands his faith now.
I read some really great parenting books, the best being
Probably the best book I read all year.
I hope that book has made me a more gracious mom - with the Lord's help!
I read some books on worship and even a marriage book that I didn't think I'd ever read.
{and of course, I read alot more fluffy fiction}
Books make me feel smarter....
or a least more well read - go figure.
They give me things to think about and help me in my endless pursuit at improving my small-talk skills.

So, my resolve remains and I will track my reading with my new gadget.

do you judge me if this is fun for me?
or maybe you're inspired to track your reading too?


  1. Deanne16.1.11

    My brother has writes down every book he reads! I love that idea. And I think I may have to read Grace Based Parenting!

  2. the Happiness Project...I've heard good things about it!


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