There's not much that tops hearing what is sometimes called "a timely word." - at least not in my books! :)  That message that speaks directly to the part of your heart you've been trying to ignore or avoid, that word of Truth that affirms God's presence not only in the world, but in your own small life.

This morning our pastor started a series on the Gospel of Mark that he's calling "the Cost of Discipleship."  I thought I knew the book of Mark pretty well, but here I was listening to just the introduction of what we'll be looking at in the weeks to come and realizing how much I don't know....  (never a bad thing to be reminded...)

He pointed out that both the beginning and the end of the book are kind of abrupt - the beginning not starting with Jesus in the manger and the end (the truest end at 16:8) without Jesus ascending into heaven.  He explained that this likely reflects the way the disciples experienced the story - kind of confusing, sometimes scary (see 16:8).

He also explained that Mark makes a point of contrasting "the crowd" that followed Jesus and His chosen disciples.  The description of the crowd - interested and curious about Jesus, even liking being around Him, but not willing to commit to living like Him; happy to be ministered to, but not willing to extend ministry - in contrast to the picture of the disciples - not perfect, but willing to serve;  obedient in perseverance even though they often couldn't make sense of the why's and how's.

In passing, the topic of the feeding of the 4000+ and 5000+ came up and Brian pointed out that there's no mention of the disciples getting fed amongst the crowd.  That while they likely didn't go hungry, the bigger point was that they were the ones passing out the food.

This is something I've struggled with for many years, but even more so since I've officially taken a  ministry position.  It can hard to be on the team of "paid" feeders.  (and now I'm picturing myself like my new bird feeder!)

Sometimes I feel my heart rumbling with hunger - wanting to be fed - and I long to be a feed-ee instead of passing out the food.

But here is what the Lord is telling me today:

"Jesus declared: 'I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry,
and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.' "
John 6:35

{Do you love seeing our Saviour remind us who He is by saying, "I AM." I do!!}

What the Lord has done for me is enough to supply everything I need to pursue the life He is calling me to.....

hey, am I reminding myself to Be Becky? :)

If being one who passes out the food means I have to be more careful about getting fed by the Lord through prayer and through the Word, that can't be a bad thing!   And even though not everyone is called to a "job" in ministry, ALL disciples of Jesus are to called to step out of the crowd and serve.  Every one doing their part, using their unique gifts for the extension of the Kingdom of God.  The now and not yet - a taste of what heaven will be. 



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