wiww- week 5

Fifth Wednesday linking up with the Pleated Poppy.
Can't say I'm getting better at this.
I left my camera at my mom's for a couple of days,
and a couple of days I just plum forgot to photograph my amazingly creative outfits.
~can you tell I was joking?~
I did forget...it's the second part that was tongue-in-cheek.

(funny thing, growing up I wasn't allowed to wear pants to church 
and now more often than not, I wear jeans...)
jeans - dkny
black shirt - old navy
belt - club monaco
(another funny thing - my good friend/fellow 'pastor wife' was also wearing
dark denim with a black button down shirt and a skinny belt.  
the only difference was that her shirt had white polka dots with a solid coloured  black belt...
I've had this polka dot belt for 2 years and have never worn it until this day.
What are the chances??
too bad my camera was at my mom's...)

these are the shoes I was wearing that day and wear ALOT
I love them.
I'm not usually a fan of toe cleavage and yet these work for me.
Bought on the clearance rack at Target years ago.

I'v had a relatively lazy week -my husband and I are on vacation this week....
so why am I still in bedroom, you ask?
Let's just say the term "vacation" is relative.
We heading on a road trip with the kids this weekend - our favorite type of trip.

here's Monday, running errands:
jeans - gap
grey long sleeve T - gap
dark grey cardi - plum
purple scarf - target
{too bad the lighting is so bad that you can really see the true cuteness of the scarf}
ok, so the colour is pretty bad here...
[breakfast with a friend and meeting in the afternoon]
long sleeve oatmeal t - joe fresh
dark jeans - gap
drapey brown sweater -gap
necklace -??

Hoping to pick up a few new 'unique' things on our

stay tuned, it can only get better....i hope. ;)


  1. Anonymous10.11.10

    Lookin cute! I love those flats!

  2. I love your flats and the belt. Great job!

  3. cute outfits this week- you look so comfortable!

  4. I really like your Sunday outfit and the skinny belt looks great. I wasn't allowed to wear pants to church either when I was growing up, but I wear them a lot now to church. I really like your Monday outfit, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment!

  5. Enjoy your down time and road trip!

    I still remember the uproar over women wearing pantsuits in the late 70s early 80s instead of dresses. I always wore skirts/dresses too and have only worn pants (at least to AM service) a handful of times--I like the look though, I just don't have dressy pants.

    I like all of your cardi/sweaters, your scarf and those reptilian flats are COOL! :)

  6. i feel so honored to be mentioned in the wiww segment of your blog. we were "same-ers" on sunday and i loved it!
    Have a Wonderful time away. i'm glad you have this time together.

  7. Love the flats- way to go on the pants/jeans to church. Funny how things have changed. I was only allowed to wear a skirt or dress to church, too and ALWAYS with panty hose, even in the summer in Florida. Ugh. So glad everyone finally realized God loves us in jeans as much as skirts...maybe more because we spend more time worshiping him than complaining about what we are wearing. ;) Thanks for the inpsiration!


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