wiww- week 4

So I've already lamented that I've been sick all week...really since last Wednesday.  Needless to say, I was not creative or cute at all - ALL week.   But in an effort to be a woman of my word, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy to show you what I've been wearing.

I will say, that I did get dressed - I even went to church - but I didn't even think of photographing what I was wearing because I felt so icky.

In the last week I wore alot of this:
yes, those are my jammies.

I also spent a great deal of time wearing this:
if i lay my head on the brown pillow at the end it's perfect for sickly tv watching.
the cream afghan was made by my aunt for our wedding shower 13 years ago-
it is aged to perfection!

and every chance I got, I wore this:

Sorry for the let down! :)
I had hoped that maybe this morning I would feel alive and revived and put together some sassy outfit,
but alas, I'm still in my jammies.
I will have to get dressed to do my 'busy wednesday' stuff, so come back next week to see if I finally got my act together!

....I guess it's a bit a cliffhanger? 


  1. Boo on sick :-( Sorry Becky! It's definitely that time of year. Hang in there ♥

  2. Sorry you've been sick! You do look cute in pink jammies though. :) Glad you have lots of cozies and comfies around your home to help you rest and feel better.

  3. i hope you get better, but i love your pj's!

  4. Hope you get to feeling better!!

  5. christine6.11.10

    sorry, completely irrelevant..but where did you get that wall hanging above your bed? i really like it!

  6. thanks for the well wishes, everyone! good news is i'm getting better just in time to take care of my sick kidlets!

    christine - homesense! always a safe guess around our place. and btw, i had to order one of the vintage dictionary necklaces you showed as an etsy fave.. HAD to...no self control! :)


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