too soon

it was supposed to be a light-hearted joke, but came out biting and resentful....

it was meant as an innocent question, but sounded intrusive and like gossip...

two examples too many of when I




I have lived long enough, at this point, to know that there is no value in talking "out of school."  Gossip will always come back and bite you and besides being sinful will ruin your reputation.  But alas, there are times when something comes out of my mouth in a way I never intended - by tone or by words. 

I like to think that I'm not a "worrier" and that I can keep most things in relative perspective, but the one thing I have a very hard time letting go of is the thought that my words or actions have hurt or offended someone.  Even if they don't seem to hold it against me, I tend to hold it against myself.

I know perfection is for the other side, and I work hard to be content with "good enough"....but if there's one thing I'd like perfect control over (or rather, be able to completely allow God to control)  it's my tongue.  Scripture talks alot about it and if you know anything at all about people, you know it's important to most everyone.

Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; 
   keep watch over the door of my lips.
psalm 141:3

a little bit more....in increasing meausre.....full submission...


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