never enough

i think about things
and reflect...
i think about coming to this place
that has been a type of
sorting ground
for me...
writing -typing- out thoughts,
forming ideas,
realizing connections,
getting immersed in
the Word
(of God, that is).

but there haven't been enough hours in the day
or the evening, for that matter.

that may change
or maybe it's not supposed to...

my husband encourages me to keep at this for a full year.


i don't know.
the more i've looked around the world wide web,
the more aware i've become of the
~who knew?~
so full of people like me:

maybe it's realizing how small one person is in a
great big world.
maybe it's realizing that something serves a purpose
for a while
and then is finished.
maybe it's just getting out of a groove?
or into a groove?

the things on my mind these days:
speaking, when and how,
learning to love Jesus more,
-always obedience!

"Buy the truth and do not sell it;
get wisdom, discipline and understanding."
Proverbs 23:23

to blog or not to blog....
i continue to strive to add 
"a little bit more" 
to my life each day. 


  1. ...to blog, I say:)

    I don't know if it's the same for you. But for me, this is always a tough time of year. I get antsy, discouraged, and seem to always have a general discontent in my spirit. Could be the weather, could be the season of Lent (that almost forces you to become more introspective), could be any number of things. Everything tends to look, and feel better in the Spring. The season of new life, and the glorious reminder of old things made new and beautiful once again. Bless you my friend as you contemplate and discover the path marked out for you.

  2. Sherri, you are such an encouragement to me! Maybe it IS the time of year.... I never thought of that. I'm supposed to have more time right now, having given up tv for Lent, but so far I've hardly even noticed! funny.

    I don't think I'm totally ready to stop yet! :)

  3. In the words of Hitch (yest the movie with Will Smith, lol)..."Let it marinate..." and then reassess. TV for Lent? I get that. TV during the Olympics? Now that's willpower girl ☺ I've been an Olympic junkie to say the least. For Lent I gave up music. None in the house, while doing this and that, and none in the van while driving around. I may have to renegotiate with myself however during the 24 hour bus ride to and from Steamboat Colorado over Spring Break. But we'll see... Music for me, is like tv for most people. Hang in there, and have a great week.

  4. Beckster,
    Your blog was what inspired me to start writing my blog. It's not the only inspiring thing you've done, not in the least. I definitely don't want to guilt trip you, but I did want to let you know that I love reading your blog - it keeps me connected to you since you live so far away. Plus, you're a pretty wise lady, so hearing what you think about the world is always just what I need.
    I'm hoping you choose to continue blogging ;)
    Miss you!

  5. you are so sweet!
    2 things:
    1- i thought at first you wrote: "it's the ONLY inspiring thing you've done" and i was like, "nice!" bahahah!
    2- you know your soul mate that lives here? just YESTERDAY he sent me an email in which he addressed me as Beckster. NO. JOKE. please come here and meet him!

    I can't give up...and suddenly I have time - read today's post!

    love you lots, Larissa! and love reading your blogs as well!

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