ode to monday morning

back to school - you came too soon.
it is too dark.
it is too early.

back to school - you were unwelcomed by us all.
we were quiet, trying to wake up.
we were slow, unwilling to wake up.

back to school - you make me question everything.
why is my bed so cozy?
why do we not homeschool?

back to school - you remind me that it's over.
the family haven of the last 2 weeks.
the peaceful mornings that last all day.

back to school - you remind me what we had.
time spent together doing the things we like to do.
time spent focusing on rest and lots of good chats.

back to school - you're for the better.
routine is good, i've always said, and you help with that.
being "in the world" is also good, and you help with that.

back to school -
you make my coffee taste better, the day seem longer, and the anticipation of being together again at the end of the day more exciting.

back to school - you're not all bad, you had to come eventually.

coffee is starting to work, i'm starting to see the good.
back to school!


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