music therapy

if you ask me, music can make everything in life better.... even cooking supper!

as i've said before, when i clean the house, my playlist includes a lot of this guy:

his energetic songs get my hands and feet going while my heart engages in powerful lyrics of Truth.  soon the house is clean and i didn't even notice myself doing it!

when i cook, i like to listen to these two:

their music is folk-sy and "chill." they remind me, somehow, of a simpler time, of fields of wheat blowing, and sun shining through windows.  as i slice and dice, cook and boil, the moderate pace of the music transports me and i find myself delighting in the process, enjoying the feel of my bamboo spoon,  deeply inhaling spices combined into family favourites.

preparing the most standard dinner fare feels somehow ...better.  i can go to a place where little piles of neatly chopped peppers are beautiful.

scripture says "whatever is lovely...think about such things," and this is part of the way i do it.  i intentionally look for ways to make the daily mundane tasks more enjoyable for myself.  (it's the same reason why i like pretty tea towels and store pantry staples in glass jars.)

music helps with that.  

filling my mind with Truth helps with that.  
looking for good - naming the blessings - helps with that.

funny thing, as i happily stirred pasta into sauce, my eldest daughter came up from cleaning her bathroom and declared "gangum style" to be the best song on her cleaning playlist.

...and there goes another unusual trait passed down from mother to daughter!

how are you looking for the lovely today?


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