Jan 16

Do you KNOW that it's the middle of January already?  Where has the time gone?

I haven't written here for 3 weeks, and yet it feels like I just posted.  I've barely even read any of the blogs I follow because many have been about new year's resolutions and goals and fresh starts and I just keep thinking "i'm not ready!"

2012 started very early in the morning for me - 5:30am, to be precise!  A quick shower and packing the last-minute items, a short drive to meet 10 other sleepy friends. A long drive, a shorter flight, shuttles and trains and buses.  Four days in Atlanta where the weather felt like home.  Trains, and shuttles, a short flight, a very long drive.  Saying farewell to 10 sleepy friends.  A short drive home, a kiss for my children, a warm bed - the suitcases can wait - good night. 4am.
That was our trip to Passion 2012 with a group of young adults from our church.  The part I haven't yet mentioned was the worship - led by Chris Tomlin, Christy Knockles, Matt Redman and others.  Not just singing the songs they've written, as we do every Sunday, being led by them and singing in a football stadium full of people.  I still need to tell you about Louie Giglio, Francis Chan, Beth Moore and others, teaching and encouraging - not via skype or video - LIVE.  That's a pretty big deal to me! There was much to see and more to do, but not so much time for thinking and processing, I feel like I'm still trying to do that.

And since then, I've been trying to catch up on my sleep, catch up on my housework and home-work (that's how I like to refer to my frequent purge-and-organizing fits).  I've been trying to get the kids back into routine and trying to find a good rhythm for our home.  I've been getting back to work in my ministry and I spoke at a Ladies event last week.

But I still feel like I'm not quite there - not quite together in myself.  I still feel a little flounder-y.  All that I've been doing, trying to get everyone and everything organized, I've left myself until the middle of January.  I haven't really spent too much time thinking about goals, or resolutions or a vision for the new year.  I don't have a verse for the year yet, or and idea of what the Lord has for me....

Today I woke up feeling good.  As I got ready and headed into the church office, my mind felt clear and ready for action.  I think it's literally the first time in 2012! :)  So hopefully, as I 'get my act together' we can continue to journey together, friends and strangers, and watch for what the Lord has in store!

It's January 16th, are you ready for action already this new year?


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