comfort food

today's post shall begin with a short rant.

you wanna know what drives me crazy??  at the beginning of each new year when i'm all introspective and whatnot, and i try to have a heart-to-heart with my darling husband about how i want to do better and be more this-or-that, and doesn't he feel the same, and doesn't he have things he would like to improve upon or change, and can we just get to the heart of this (and have some tea while we talk about it)...

his response - every year - is this:

"yes, i have some ideas of things i'd like to change, but i'd rather not say what they are."



let's talk about it, let's plan our transformations together (maybe transformation overstates it just a little...), but tell me, tell me!

however, this year i understand it a little.

i mentioned before that i hadn't spent too much time thinking about "new year's resolutions" (yes, i know it's almost february), but since then, i have spent some time.  the Lord has spoken to my heart about one thing in particular that He wants me to do differently - an area in which i have to grow.

and i'm not going to talk about it. (although i did tell my husband - accountability is good for me.)

what i WILL tell you is something a little more general - maybe you've made the same resolution, i know Becky @ farmgirl paints has.  it's all about feeding my family.

i generally dislike making dinner.  not because i don't like to cook, mostly because it's very hard for a person like myself when not everyone in the family is head-over-heels about what i've prepared!  i've repeatedly told my children that my least favourite question of the day is "what's for supper?"  many times (at 4pm) i've had to respond - "i have no idea."  i've also been known to say, "you'll find out," to avoid the groan or silent stare/turn-and-walk-away responses.  mostly i dislike coming up with ideas.  i got into the trap of thinking we have about 3 go-to meals that feel like they rotate around and around.  boring.

BUT, new year, new attitude!

Meg has been posting a weekly menu for quite a while, and has continued even though she has a new (adorable!) baby!

i started last week and it went pretty well - really well, actually.  so sunday afternoon, g & i made a plan for the week and he did all the shopping on monday (oh yeah, i also loathe grocery shopping...).

TODAY it's 10:47am and our dinner is already in the crock pot!  VICTORY!
beef stew

and after i get my housework done, i'm going to bake the most wonderful (feel like a 50's housewife) bread.  our family loves it! (maybe i'll add a photo later)

truth telling time - do you love making dinner for your family? (or could we start some sort of support group over here?)

i will say this:  i'm not in favour of using food for comfort. i don't mean that to sound judgey-pants or anything, it's just part of where the Lord has taken me on our journey.  that being said, there is definitely a comfort in knowing i'm being intentional about feeding my family and caring for their daily needs in this practical way.  that's what i mean by "comfort food."


  1. I like this Becky ! I like cooking dinner, not really the deciding what is for dinner, but the knowledge that I can afford to either buy or I had the space to grow healthy things for my family ! I love that my kids love healthy things and can make most of the vegetables but not any fast food chains ! So, yeah, I love to cook for my family. And, I also bame some mean bread ! Recipe swaps are fun too if you want !

  2. Oops, I meant name most of the vegetables and not any fast food chains !

  3. i actually LOVE to sit down with a pen and paper, purusing the internet for good wholesome meals. But then i stop. i either lose the list of ingredients needed, lose the recipes i wrote down or lose the enthusiasm all together. i have even gone to the trouble of nicely organizing all the delicious recipes in a binder, but the binder remains closed. i can't get past the planning stage. i think i have a problem. it gets tough too though, when one member has a dietary restriction....but that can't be my excuse all the time! i wish you well on your journey of surrounding your loved ones with comfort. By the way, the Rygiels are coming for dinner tonight!

  4. Heidi24.1.12

    Can the Clarks come for dinner too? Thank goodness for crockpots, I love them on the days when I'm actually organized enough to get supper going before lunch has started! Our favorites in the crockpot are sweet and sour farmer sausage and pulled pork. Your beef stew looks like it will be delish, more so than the chicken tacos we are probably having! Enjoy the comfort of good food and family time!

  5. Ha! I hate coming up with a plan, but it's the only way I can function. Have a plan. Recently, I broke it down (a pasta dish, a soup, a meat and veggies, and either a salad or something new to try). That's the plan-ish.

    But, I was at women's bible study today and one older lady encouraged all the young moms to sit down and eat together every night. Then, someone said that they read an article that talked about how much it benefits to share a meal every night. Interesting stuff.

    Way to go.


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