vintage finds

alternate post title:

things i'd like to steal from camp.

a camp that has been around since the '50s and has been on the receiving end of many a household purge has loads of cool stuff.

let the record show that i am not one of those people who enjoy refinishing furniture 
~it's a loathsome task, in my opinion~
but i do agree with Nate Berkus, Sarah Richardson and others who tell us that old furniture has more "soul" than new pieces.  
and so i've been known to scrape and sand, prime and paint a thing or two over the years.

if camp ever wanted to purge some of it's things, i would be first in line for these:

i'd paint this RED for my son's room - it's so nautical-ly cute!
the curvy top drawer makes this one special -
 maybe in the hall for linens?
this lamp base could be a fun pewter or maybe eggplant colour with
a little spray paint, perfect for our bedroom.
not sure if i'd even paint this - it would sure be great in my
dining room...my table linens would love it!

and maybe it's because i so wish for a small table for an eat-in kitchen,
or maybe it's because these cute tables were so plentiful....

cute drop leaf!

this one has already been refinished - now we're talking!

can you tell this one is metal?

don't worry - i'm not about to steal from our bible camp
(my daughter saw the "alternate title" at the top of the page and was a little concerned.)

dreaming requires no sweat equity!


  1. Deanne10.7.11

    I've always loved the last table you posted. I'd like to help you steal these things. :)

  2. Coffee_pot11.7.11

    Bwa ha ha. Those would be a treasure hunter's dream on some of those tv shows. I especially love the white chest. I recognized many of those pieces and now admire them with new eyes!

  3. love how you see the beauty in the little things Becky. these items would be very happy if given a chance to grow old in your home :)


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