my prayer

 Today I pray that my children's memories will be filled with 
images of their mother's warm touches,

snuggles with stories,

and road trips to favorite places - just the five of us.

Today I pray my kids will remember the times of
family traditions,


and birthday, after birthday, after birthday
of feeling significant and loved.

Today I pray their hearts will be built upon 
time spent together,

enjoying one another,

learning from each other.

Today I pray their minds will recall 
words of love,
actions of gentleness,

and many,


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. whoops sorry, that was me who deleted "the last comment".....guess I could have left it under kent's account...
    bUt I LOVE the pictures and especially the one of cassidy and her scrunched up nose. sweetie pie!!!

  3. sweet prayers!

  4. what a sweet post Becky! I have no doubt that these moments remain alive in the hearts of our babies...asleep for a long, long time (lol), but alive to be awakened someday when the time is just right. on another note did you get me email last week? i used the email on your fb acct.


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