Yesterday we spent the afternoon at our youngest daughter's first ever gymnastics display.  How excited this girl was to perform with her group and show us what she had learned in the last ten weeks!  You see, each week she longed to have us stay and watch the sessions for the whole hour, but we were asked to please stay outside the gym while the girls practiced.  This made sense, I thought, knowing how easily young ladies (especially mine!) can be distracted!

As we drove to the new location where the program was to be held, she went on and on, chattering away about all we would do and see. She seemed particularly pleased to think that I could stay and watch them warm up and rehearse - to get a preview of the big show!

When we got there and checked in, the instructor instructed me that I was to show my sweet child where I was putting her things and then go until the doors opened for seats in the main gym....in 2 hours.  My mother's heart ached for my daughter as I watched the disappointment cross her face. 

I crouched down in front of her.  "Is this ok, sweetie?  Is it ok if mommy goes?"

She turned her face from mine, not willing to make eye contact, as she visibly gathered up her courage and in a forced-cheery voice replied, "it's ok!"
How deep the Father's love for us
 how vast beyond all measure
that He should give His only Son 
to make a wretch His treasure
How great the pain of searing loss
  the Father turns His face away
As wounds which mar the Chosen One 
bring many sons to glory

I wonder if the Father had to turn His face away, to keep from looking into the eyes of His Son.  I wonder if He gathered up His courage and whispered, "it'll be ok" - even as He knew it would - just to make it through the crucifixion of His only child....

to make this wretch His treasure.

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  1. Having kids sure makes us think about the deep, deep, and amazing love the Father has for each of us. I can't even begin to imagine how He felt sending his son to come to earth and walk among sinners. Thanks for the sobering reminder Becky.


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