thankful on a thursday

today as i set out to bake chocolate chip cookies - the really good kind with thick, sugary dough - i got to thinking about the arms of my ancestors.

strange? probably.

but think about it for a second.

i was struggling with my hand mixer and i could feel my muscles working to keep it in the bowl, doing it's thing....

but my granny never had an electric mixer as a young mom of seven. (7!)

she had a wooden spoon.

and no money for store bought cookies.

so i laughed to myself because i've planned into my day a trip to the Y to get some needed exercise. my granny didn't have a gym membership. she strengthened her arms baking cookies and stirring butter and cream into mashed potatoes. she exercised her legs by walking to the bus, standing on her feet all day at the book binding factory and walking herself back to bus. she got home and finished the dinner and the dishes and did the laundry and made the lunches for the next day.

and most importantly, she exercised her knees every morning, bowing before her Heavenly Father, thanking Him for who He is and how He provides.

so today, THURSDAY, i'm thankful.


  1. Nice to see you again, I've missed you. I trust the cookies turned out deliciously :)

  2. Deanne14.4.11

    So glad you are back!! I am thankful this Thursday for your post!

  3. i am also glad you are back! and appreciated this post.

    i have actually stopped using a mixer (for the most part) since i started baking with my sister in law, who used a wooden spoon. it's definitely more work, but it makes it the much easier to justify eating a cookie ;)

  4. Your back!

    I love this post and have had the same thoughts myself. Life was different back then...getting exercise in life instead of trying to fit exercise in life. Good thoughts!

  5. Great thoughts! Your mind has always intrigued me! In a very positive way!

    Thanks for that!

  6. i love your orange mixer.


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