wiww - week 7

So I'm late to the party, but decided to link up with the pleated poppy on a thursday about what i wore last week.

i only have a couple of shots, but i did try a new way to photograph to hopefully have better light.  i think it'll be better....
this was friday - my husbands birthday
we had a long and very frustrating day and it was COLD!
(that's all my defenses for the sweater-layers...)
black wool turtleneck - club monaco
grey sweater - banana republic
jeans - i think they're gap

(drawback of new photo method - can't really see the bottoms...)

necklace - gift from BIL from mexico
belt - banana republic
busy saturday at home during the day
and dinner with friends in the evening - FUN!
gap jeans
cowl neck - new fron the gap - $10! woot woot
(it is SO comfy i went out and got another in ...grey...)
church Sunday
denim skirt - gap 
black tank - target
black velour blazer - jacob

apparently i took the week off with accessories...

hope you're having a blessed week and enjoying the preparation of the season in your home and in your heart!

1 comment:

  1. all very very cute!!!
    i especially liked the shirt you wore on saturday...
    suits you muchly!! :) good choice to run out and get another!


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