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This morning my alarm went off at 7:15am (I've been trying to get up earlier) and I knew my coffee had also just started brewing. I laid in bed trying to get myself to move when I suddenly thought, "I guess I don't need to get up quite this early - I could sleep for another half hour..." I reset my alarm and I suppose I went right back to sleep because I found myself fairly 'alarmed' when the beeping went off again at 7:50am! Once again I learned why you should just get up when your alarm goes off the first time....now I felt worse.

7:51.....7:52....7:53....7:54 - wait a minute - I'm supposed to bring part of the snack for bible study this morning! I had completely forgotten. I spent roughly 40 seconds trying to decide if it were even possible to stop and pick up muffins when I had to drop the kids off at school at 8:50, pick my mother-in-law up at 9am and get to bible study for 9:15. Thankfully, the Lord brought to my mind the big carton of buttermilk I had in the fridge, so I quickly decided to make scones while the kids ate breakfast. Miraculously, it all got done and I wasn't even (too) late for the study!

On the way home from the church, Cassidy asked if she could have a scone for lunch. Of course, the ones I brought for the ladies were all eaten up, but I thought I could quickly make her some before we headed off to preschool. As I measured out the ingredients for the second time in 3 hours, I started to cut in the margarine with my pastry blender. Now maybe it's a little unusual to get excited about kitchen gadgets, but as I pulverized the margarine (to the size of a pea!) I thanked God for this little tool. I had one for years that never really worked very well - especially after the handle broke - so a couple of months ago, I finally cracked out the $4 to get a new one. It's such a delight to use a good tool for it's rightful purpose!

As I've mentioned, the bible study I'm working on with a group of women from the church is The Patriarchs by Beth Moore. Beth has a passion for instructing (particularly women) on the Word of God and a passion for the Word like you don't see every day. She calls women to a deeper walk with God - to invest our lives in what God is already doing around us. To move from knowing about God to knowing God, without forsaking learning more about Him.... wordy to say, but Truth my heart needs to hear!

This is what I want!

When I first began this blog, I showed a picture of a stack of books beside my bed. I love books! But sometimes this love of information and fresh, clean pages of a new book can be my downfall. I like to read the latest author and their take on what Scripture says about life, parenting, marriage, walking with God....

huh? Do you see where I'm going with this?

" 'Everything is permissible' - but not everything is beneficial. 'Everything is permissable' - but not everything is constructive." 1 Corinthians 10:23

Is this an odd verse for this subject? Not to me! God in His great love and grace has given me the only tools I need for growth and a life of devotion to Him: His Word and His Spirit. If I look first to the opinions and knowledge of others and to the Word second (or not at all) I will never know my Saviour in the way that I long to know Him. I will trust in people - not the Spirit, to guide, teach and counsel me day by day.

Of course, I'm not about to clear off the three large bookcases of other people's study that sit behind me at this desk - but I will read discerningly, searching the Word and trusting the Spirit to show me more.

"His divine power has given us EVERYTHING WE NEED for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness."
2 Peter 1:3

Praise the Lord for the right tools!


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